Unreal Engine 4


Unreal Engine 4

Instructor/Moderator: Andrei Isakov

Topic: External and internal space

Tools: Unreal Engine 4, version 4.25.4

Practical objective: Developing open and closed 3D environments with basic interaction functionalities

Substance objective: Mastering fundamental rules of developing interactive 3D environments in Unreal Engine 4

Outcome: Upon completing the workshop, participants will be able to apply the skills acquired when developing their own interactive spaces in the UE4.

Session 1 

PROTOTYPING: preparing software, outlining the concept, importing & exporting resources 

During the first session, we will install all necessary software, discuss the fundamental concept of the project, and prepare resources (downloadable by participants prior to training).

Session schedule:

  • Installed engine configuration – participants will prepare the underlying software for operation, identify file location, configure engine settings to fit their systems, and study the UE4 project structure.
  • Exploring the UE4 interface and UE4-compatible files – participants will be able to import pre-specified objects to the engine.
  • Template preparation – participants will generate the basic project level, including ambience, lighting and post-process effects.

Session 2

LANDSCAPING: creating open spaces and arranging floral objects therein

During the second session, external (landscape) space will be created, ultimately including enclosed spaces. Participants will learn how to generate and edit terrain topology; at a later stage – arrange assorted materials therein for realistic effect purposes.

Session schedule:

  • Generating Landscape Objects – terrain objects configured on basis of Google Maps-based topology.
  • Preparing Landscape Material – generating and applying materials for a diverse terrain surface effect (grass, ground, rock etc.).
  • Arranging Foliage objects – planting trees and other plants across the entire terrain and including supplementary components, such as rocks, tree trunks etc.

Session 3 

SCRIPTING: creating enclosed spaces, editing materials, adding logic. Visual programming

During the third session, enclosed spaces will be developed: architectonic components set in afore-created terrain. Participants will learn how to add geometric objects, confer properties of assorted materials upon them, and add passive and active scripts.

Session schedule:

  • Creating enclosed (interior) spaces in Brushes software – participants will generate simple architecture directly in the engine.
  • Preparing materials – participants will create material later applied to surfaces of created architecture, predefining architectonic material: stone, metal, wood etc.
  • Script creation – participants will generate two scripts (or blueprints) allowing dynamic day/night shifting, and interaction in architectonic space.