Perception in XR projects: issues of sentience, illusions and digital reality research


Participants: Grzegorz Pochwatko, Paweł Gwiaździński

Moderated by: Jakub Wróblewski

Chat exchange on Messenger, November 2nd 2020:

Paweł Gwiaździński: It depends on whether you agree with the proposition that sensory substitution is perception, that discovering the world by using artificial senses is a good fit for the definition of perceiving. But I may well be nitpicking here, there are researchers out there who would certainly agree.

Grzegorz Pochwatko: And what is an artificial sense? Asking out of curiosity.

PG: See? The word itself is already steeped in perception-related terminology. Someone who disbelieves that observing the world through SS is perception would not refer to it as artificial sense.

GP: To me, sight, hearing etc. are senses.

PG: There you go. Is seeing through sound perception?

GP: There’s no such thing 🙂

PG: Why?

GP: Because rods and cones are not sensitive to light. Sorry, sound.

PG: You mean that you have never heard of such thing – or you believe that these devices don’t meet conditions required for the effect to be referred to as seeing?

GP: They are, to light.

PG: Sensory substitution is a technology for blind persons, and sometimes for the deaf, which means that cones are of no consequence here.

The panel will become a pretext for engaging in debates regarding observation and perception, illusions generated by virtual systems, state-of-the-art methods of gauging activeness levels in immersive project participants, and the essence of and relations in digital environments.